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Learn to fly

All the licences :

Learn to fly with Alain Cassagne, fligth instructor

LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot Licence)

From 15 years old. This licence allows to fly alone into an area of 30 km (19 miles) around the airport.

A medical check-up, a theory test and about 20 flight hours are necessary to pass the LAPL.

PPL (Private Pilot Licence)

From 17 years old. The PPL allows to fly alone or with passengers anywhere in France, Europe and most of countries around the world.

A medical check-up (Class 2), a theory test made of 9 units and 45 flight hours (25 with FI + 10 alone) are necessary to pass this licence.

Training can start at 15 years old.

Introduction to fly

This is for people who want to know more about aviation and how to fly an airplane. These flights are made with a flight instructor who will explain how an aircraft flies and the training proceedings.

BIA (Introduction to Aviation)

The BIA is for teenagers who want to know more about aviation. It's a theoretical learning which ends with an exam and a flight with an experienced pilot.

It does not allow to fly an airplane, but encourages teenagers to keep up the training (LAPL or PPL).

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