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Potez 58. Photo © ACMLAR
From L. to R. : Mr Arlabosse; Mr Decuq; Mr Aldias, posing in front of the Potez 36. Photo © ACMLAR

  Originally, the first flying club of Aveyron was called AERO-CLUB DES CAUSSES, and was attached to the General Aviation Section of Millau, Saint Affrique and Roquefort.
In June 1930, Jean Galtier, a St Affrique inhabitant and Mr Rey, from Roquefort, both
engineers at the School of Aeronautical, decided to found the flying club.
Fifteen founding members elected Mr Prevot, glover and former pilot, as Chairman.
Maurice Liron was the first secretary.
The first aircraft was purchased by Mr. Arlabosse, a St Affrique's inhabitant :
He chose a Potez-36, a side by side two-seater plane.
The price was 60,000 French francs, 50% subsidized by the State.
So 30,000 francs were reimbursed at Mr. Arlabosse by nine members.
Mr. Aldias, a young pilot from the Army, was the primary chief pilot of the club. The Aéroclub des Causses was on track. A Potez A-43 and then two Potez -58's were added to the flying club's fleet. Unfortunately, those planes were stolen in 1936 by the Spanish Republicans ... They took off under the mechanic's nose...

  A lot of airshows took place on the airfield, where some heroes like Maryse Bastie or Marcel Doret attracted the crowd. That was before 1939!
  Today, nearly 30 pilots fly the only plane of the club. The Board of Directors is composed of 10 members, here are the three heads :
- Alain Cassagne : President & flight instructor
- Jean-Bernard Bouix : secretary
- Thierry Heydel : Treasurer









  Our flying school is waiting for you to make you benefit from our knowledge.
You should know that all members of the flying club are volunteers, including the instructor. The duty periods are assured to the goodwill of the pilots ...


  Overflights of the Viaduc of Millau are available to the public thanks to the nearby (10 minute flight to reach the site), as well as flights over the main points of the Aveyron and the neighboring counties (Tarn and Jonte Valleys, Lévézou Mountains, Languedoc coast ...)


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